Our passion at Zarah Co. is creating refreshingly creative jewelry for people who cherish art. Our three lines of jewelry all result from the talents, unique styles, and perspectives of a select group of exceptional artists. Although design process, production technique, and presentation get our diligent attention, we never lose sight of our primary focus–to delight you with jewelry that, above all else, is just plain fun to wear! Summarized below are our three lines of jewelry.


After surveying castings of solid gold and silver jewelry from around the world, we aspired to produce the same beautiful quality and fine detail but at a much more affordable price. The Iconocast line not only matches the visual quality of the best castings analyzed but also expresses the creative, fashion-forward, wearable art for which Zarah Co. is renowned. By plating each piece in gold, silver, or blackened silver rather than using precious metal for the entire piece, the jewelry offers an ideal balance of price and aesthetic perfection. Moreover, its durability is outstanding.

Shell and Pearl Necklace


The appeal of Zarah’s Zarlite jewelry is the fresh, colorful designs by talented artists offered at an exceptional value. These designs are translated into silver-plated, nickel-free jewelry by meticulous masters in the crafts of enameling and metalsmithing. Value, design, and production expertise are all important, but our overriding goal is to provide you with jewelry that is fun to wear!

Sextuplets Pin
by Ikki Matsumoto



The unique appeal of Zarah sterling silver enamel art jewelry results from two rare kinds of talent: To create fresh, new designs, we seek out contemporary artists renowned for achievements in any of various art forms. To obtain technical excellence, master artisans who are expert in the old-world craft of enameling, translate the designs into distinctive pieces of jewelry. They paint each article by hand using solutions containing colored granules of glass. Next, they fire the pieces in a kiln to produce an alluring richness of color. Some designs are then plated in 24-karat gold.

Tropical Angelfish Earrings
by Sue Coccia